Tourists Spots

There are a lot of attractive spots in Shimoda.Please enjoy the slide show.

Perry Road

The small and narrow street between Perry's landing point and Ryosenji Temple was named Perry Road. Perry and his crews came and went this road to negotiate the details of the treaty about 150 years ago. Now this road changed to the fashionable street. There are antique shops, boutiques and old style Japanese restaurants on the willow-lined cobbled street along the small river.


Ryosenji Temple

Shimoda became the first port opened to the America by Kanagawa Treaty in 1854 after more than 200 years isolation policy. Negotiation to determine the details of the usage of this port was continued between Perry and Japanese officials at this temple. Finally, Shimoda Treaty appendid to the Kanagawa Treaty was signed here.

Perry Memorial Park

Perry Memorial park was completed in 2002 to commemorate the great achievement of Commodore Perry. On the lefet of the monument, there is message from President Gorge Bush and friendship light is on continuously.

Houses with "Namako-kabe" Walls

The old downtown area is dotted with old-fashioned houses that have gray walls with white crisscrossed patterns called "Namako-kabe". The walls, seen typically in traditional Japanese warehouse walls, give the town a charming atmosphere of an old port town.


Gyokusenji Temple

Townsend Harris opened the first US Consulate at Gyokusenji Temple in 1856 and used for three years. There are American and Russian tombs who died in those days in the compound.

White Sandy Beaches

There are nine famous and popular white sand beaches in Shimoda. Many young people come to bathing in the sea in the summer time and enjoy marine sports like surfing, diving all year round.


Shimoda park is celebrated as hydrangeas for as many as three million balls of hydrangea flowers fill the park and overwhelm visitors with their heavenly beauty. Hydrangea Festival is held every year from June 1 to the end of June.

Ropeway and Little Angel

A ropeway takes you to the summit of the Mt.Nesugata. You can enjoy beautiful panorama view from the summit and seasonal flowers year-round. Especially, mid-October to the end of November, there are about 800 pink flowers called Little Angel come into bloom.

Wild Narcissus

As Tsumekizaki Point is relatively warm climate and has no snow nor frost in winter, three million wild narcissus come into bloom from late December to mid-February. The entire cape is enwrapped in their sweet fragrance during the blooming season.

Drum Festival

A traditional, soul-stirring Drum Festival which started about 400 years ago, is held annually on Auguest 13-15. Drums on stands parades through the downtown area.

Sakura:Cherry blossoms

Minamiizu town is known for the magnificent cherry trees. Please enjoy the early cherry blossoms.

Black Ship Festival

The most famous festival of Shimoda celebrated in honor of the arrival of the Blackships and the opening of Japan to the world. It is rich in international color featuring a ceremony at the Shimoda Park, the parade of the US Naval and Army marching bands and so on.

Chorakuji Temple

The Russo-Japan Peace Treaty was concluded here in 1854. It was also the place where ratifications of a similar treaty between Japan and the U.S. were exchanged.