Outline of Shimoda

@Shimoda City is located in the central-part of Japan, and the southern-part east of the Izu Peninsula jut into the Pacific Ocean.
@Most of the area is specified as the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National-Park, Shimoda has full of gifts from nature. For example, mountain area with deep green forest, white beach and rocky cliff together with blue sea, hot springs, foods from nature, and so on.

@In addition to those natural environmental advantages, Shimoda is famous for its history. After more than 200 years seclusion policy, Japan opened the gate for foreign countries at Shimoda. Shimoda became the first port opened to the America. Grass roots exchange between the people of Shimoda and crews of Perry's Ships had started here in Shimoda. The first American Consul,Townsend Harris, opened a consulate here.

With its combination of the charms of an old port town and a number of historical places, Shimoda is fascinating place for the visitor to stroll around.

Population22,621(Mar.1, 2017)
Male 10,907
Number of households11,047

Industry Structure
Number of Tourist for visit3,400,000 people/year
Number of tourist to stay1,200,000 people/year